Teleworking With SIP Trunking – Significant Benefits for Business | Business Technology

New telecommunications technologies are not just about saving money on your phone bill (although new technology can also make your bills cheaper). New technology is designed to make your life better and new telecommunications technology can change the way you run your business.Teleworking is not new, but teleworking’s prevalence will only grow as technology has improved. With new technologies, teleworking can have significant benefits for business and we have outlined seven of these benefits below:Drastic Productivity Increases from staff – Studies, and anecdotal evidence, suggests that teleworking can lead to increases in productivity from staff. Working from home provides less distractions so staff achieve more.

Happier staff through the removal of commute time – The commute time between home and office is one that staff often complain about. This can be a number of hours per day. Your staff will also save money on transport costs and potentially parking costs.Attract staff with flexible working options – The employment market is tough and it can be difficult to attract the best staff out there. Flexible teleworking options can be an incentive for staff to pick your business over another.Retain staff with attractive arrangements – Gen Y employees are not the type to have a single job for life. The working landscape has changed. Whilst staff look for more variety, this can be a painful experience for employers who need to recruit and train new staff. Offering attractive teleworking arrangements can be a great way for you to retain staff.Reduce overheads and other work expenses – If you implement teleworking arrangements for your staff you will be able to reduce your business overheads and other business related expenses. Your electricity bills won’t be as high and, as your fully embrace teleworking, you may find your business grows as your office space requirements become smaller.Give your staff a better work/life balance – Reduced, or removed, commute times and flexible working arrangements are great for work/life balance. Parents can take their children to or from school amongst other things.

Boost your green credentials and corporate social responsibility – Reductions in energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions are important. Implementing a teleworking policy in your business will boost your business’ green credentials and is great for your corporate social responsibility.Whilst there may be some small implementation costs when it comes to new telecommunications technology, the overall benefits to your business will far outweigh this cost. If you would like to discuss how SIP Trunking and telworking can help your business, you should get in touch today.